Episode 76: Cannabis with Ben

'I took the opportunity to meet with and talk with so many different cannabis operators. I quickly learned who knew what they were doing and who didn’t.' -Ben Click To Tweet

The cannabis industry is one of my favorite subjects, and it will be a regular topic on this show. Ben, my partner in the cannabis industry, is here to talk about how he went from being a corporate guy to operating a dispensary and more in this exciting new industry.

We talk about some of the requirements and licensing details along with compliance of state and local jurisdictions. We also touch on hiring the right political consultants and understanding the ins and outs of creating a business that is scalable. We also talk about  the importance of giving back and helping the community.

'Five years ago, the cannabis regulations were so new and changing so rapidly that I watched the industry evolve before me.' -Ben Click To Tweet

Show Notes

'Having operational procedures that actually function and work is a different ballgame than writing a business plan and getting an operating license.' -Ben Click To Tweet

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