Episode 74: Getting Off of Wall Street with Robert Kolb

Ask yourself if your traditional portfolio is really diversified or if it is just diversified into the stock market. - Robert Kolb Click To Tweet

Wall Street is an interesting place. A lot of arbitrage is happening out there which means a lot of people make a lot of money, and a lot of people don’t. There are also a lot of fees and taxes. There is a place in some portfolios for it, but we love taking you off of Wall Street.

Today, I have an amazing guest partner who runs our Financial Freedom Day Company. This is where we teach you how to get your wealth off of the radar screen. Not just off of Wall Street, but off of the radar screen too.

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The stock market is one of the few investments that you can make that can be dramatically affected by a rumor or a tweet resulting in a dramatic affect on your retirement. - Robert Kolb Click To Tweet

Show Notes

Taxes are going to go up sooner or later. Our strategy shouldn’t be about postponing taxes, it should be about paying the tax now and having tax free income later. - Robert Kolb Click To Tweet

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