Episode 75: Tax Entities and Why Being Incorporated Is So Critical with Weldon Wulstein

You don’t just need a bookkeeper. You need analysis. That one extra step of analysis can help you maximize deductions and reduce the amount of tax that you are going to pay. - Weldon Wulstein Click To Tweet

My Guest:

Being supported by the right team is so important when it comes to getting the most your of your money. You need specialized experts in all of the financial areas. Weldon Wulstein is my CFO and an extraordinary tax strategist. This year my clients have gotten back over 2 million dollars with the tax strategies that Weldon has introduced to them.

Weldon is here today to talk about entities and why getting incorporated is so critical. The simplest way of explaining this is companies make money, and individuals get taxed. We will be talking about why to get incorporated. We will talk about some of the  myths like you don’t make enough to incorporate. We will touch a little on the new tax laws, but most of that will be in an upcoming episode. Today is really about how critical it is to understand and have a plan for a tax entity.

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Show Notes

Partnership income is still treated as earned income through self-employment, so you still pay that additional 15.3% self-employment tax. - Weldon Wulstein Click To Tweet

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